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9 Ways To Get Your Client's Eyelash Extensions To Last

Creating beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions will allow you to build regular lash clientele. When it comes to eyelash extension treatments, clients want to see a stunning result, but you'll also find that it's essential to them that their lashes last too. While eyelash extensions falling out prematurely is almost always due to insufficient or incorrect home care, we can't put all of the blame on a client if we don’t communicate proper homecare advice. It is a therapist's responsibility to ensure all clients have the necessary homecare advice and knowledge to take care of their eyelash extensions at home.

Keep reading to discover the 9 essential post-care steps you should communicate to every eyelash extension client. 

1: Avoid Moisture 

Your clients need to wait for a minimum of 24hrs before allowing any moisture around the eye area. This time allows for the glue to set properly. No moisture includes water, excessive heat, steam and sweat. 

2: Daily Cleansing 

Eyelash Extensions need to be cleansed daily with an oil-free foaming cleanser or makeup-remover safe for lash extensions. The Skin and Beauty Training Centre's Lash and Brow Foaming Cleanser is perfect for this and available to purchase online. Be sure to educate your client on how to use their cleanser. Clients should gently massage the cleanser through the lash line and rinse with water until no cleanser remains. Advise your client that it is essential they are extra gentle throughout this process. Finish the cleanse by gently brushing through the extensions with a spooly brush.

3: Sleeping position 

Sleeping on the stomach pushes the lashes into a pillow where they are scrunched and pulled, always resulting in more lashes falling out. Encourage your client to sleep on their side or back to avoid this as much as possible. 

4: Daily Brushing 

Make sure your clients brush through their eyelash extensions every morning with a spooly. No matter how carefully we sleep during the night, we will always wake up with twists and turns in our extensions. Brushing the lashes back into place prevents the lashes from pulling in the wrong direction. Plus, the eyelash extensions will look their best when brushed into place. 

5: Avoid consistent touching 

Your client should already know this one, but it's important to bring it up. Avoid rubbing, pulling, twisting or generally touching the lashes. Recommend that your client keeps a clean spooly in their handbag. Whenever they get the urge to touch their lashes, encourage them to instead brush through their extensions with a spooly. This simple trick satisfies their temptation without compromising the longevity of their extensions

6: Consistent Refills 

Ensure your clients know that it's normal for their extensions to fall out slowly; this is unavoidable - even with the best home care. The only way around this is regular refill appointments. Encourage every client to rebook for their refills every two weeks. Consistent refills ensure that your client’s lash extensions constantly look full. Explain to your clients that this will cost them less money long term, save them time and keep their lashes looking fresh and full all the time - this should be incentive enough to make that rebooking. 

7: Use Lash Extension Friendly Products

Chat about what products your client plans to use on or around their lash line, including skincare. Nothing will break down lash extension glue quicker than a heavy oil-based eye cream. Go through some of their most-used products and let them know if they are suitable to continue using. As a general rule, avoid anything oil or alcohol-based. Some clients will want to use mascara. Ideally, no mascara is best but if they are adamant, make sure they are not using waterproof mascara. The harder the mascara is to remove, the more tugging and pulling the lashes will be subjected to - resulting in their lash extensions falling out quicker. Besides, who needs mascara when you have beautiful, fluttery eyelash extensions

8: Beware Of Heat

The heat from an oven or hotplate can quickly singe eyelash extensions. Make sure your client is aware of this and is extra careful when near any heat. 

9: Choice of Lashes 

You are the professional. Always be confident in your recommendations. Sometimes a client's expectations will be unrealistic compared to what is best for the state, length and thickness of their natural lashes. Always make a professional recommendation for what you believe will give them the best results, even if it differs from their initial lash goals. As a general rule, stick to a similar length and thickness compared to their natural lashes. Be sure that your clients know that heavier lashes will likely fall out quicker. Classic lashes will last the longest as opposed to Hybrid or Volume lashes. If your clients desired result requires Hybrid or Volume lashes, simply reiterate that it will be extra important to come in and see you for fortnightly refill appointments. Always keep your clients lash health and longevity a top priority when selecting their eyelash extensions.

We recommend creating a take-home card stating these important home care reminders and handing them out to clients at each appointment. It's also a good idea to give each client a spooly to easily follow this advice. It gives you something to refer back to when someone claims their eyelash extensions have fallen out too quickly. Go over each piece of home care advice with the client and resolve any home care issues to ensure longer lasting lashes after their next appointment. 

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