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How To Make Fresh Money Doing Eyelash Extensions

It’s the number one question on every budding Lash Queen’s lips.  “How much money can I make doing eyelash extensions?”  

Well, the simple answer is - a lot - considering that the global lash market is forecast to hit 1.6 billion in just 4 years time (and that’s US dollars honey... just saying).  In Australia, the eyelash extension industry shows no signs of slowing down and, with our “new normal” making working from home so much more acceptable, turning an interest into a side-hustle (or a fully fledged business) has never been easier.  So, let's talk numbers...  

How much money can you make doing eyelash extensions?  

Well, of course, there are multiple factors that come into play such as whether you are going to set up at home, rent a space in an existing salon or perhaps set up your own shopfront - as well as the cost of your stock and consumables. 

If you are considering working as an employee, the national average wage for a lash artist in Australia is approximately $60K a year.  However, decide to go it alone and that figure can dramatically change for the better.  

Starting your own lash business is not only a low-cost start up that can provide you with work/life flexibility, but it has serious income potential that could see you making $1000+ per week with only 2 clients per day Monday to Friday.  Leaving you the weekends to spend all your fresh money!

With the average take for a full set of lash extensions being around $100.00 - $150.00 each, doing just 3 sets per day - 5 days a week - will rake you in up to $2250.00 per week.  However, you need to factor in that as you build up your client base, you will most likely be performing a mix of full sets and infills which on average bring in around $80.00/$90 per set.  

Working 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, the earning potential could look something like this:

  • 3 Full Sets - taking 2 hours each @ $125.00 = $375.00
  • A full day of Infills taking 1 hour each @ $80.00 = $480.00
  • 2 Fulls Sets & 2 Infills = $410.00
  • 1 Full Set & 4 Infills = $445.00

Using the conservative pricing and procedure combinations above, the average earning potential equates to $427.50 per day ($8906.25 per month) and, assuming that you choose to work 50 weeks of the year, your yearly gross income would be $106,875.00.

Lash Business Start Up Factors To Consider

Now, making a 6-figure income doing what you love sounds great, but don’t forget to factor in some expenses.  

The good news about starting your own eyelash extensions business is that you can easily do this from home, meaning that expenses like rent, power, phone and internet are kind of a moot point because you probably are already paying for these, and it won’t cost you any more or less if you are slaying lash sets in your spare room.   Even better, you can now start to claim these expenses back on your tax return.

Your main expense will be stock and consumables as well as your initial start up equipment like a treatment bed, a ring light and pretty decor for your lash room… check out my blog on simple ideas for setting up your beauty business for a little home salon inspo.

The other initial expense will be quality eyelash extension training that will teach you the various in-demand lash extension styles your clients will be asking for.

How To Become A Certified Eyelash Extension Technician

Nowadays, becoming a certified Lash Technician is both affordable and convenient thanks to online training courses such as those offered at the Skin & Beauty Training Centre.  

Also available in a face-to-face format, the SBTC eyelash extension courses are made for beginners and are the perfect place to start if you are changing career paths, upskilling or thinking about starting your own eyelash extension business or eyelash extension side hustle. 

Best of all, these courses can be purchased using Zip or Afterpay, meaning that you can get certified as an Eyelash Extension Technician for as little as $10.00 per week!

Both the Eyelash Extension Online Course and Eyelash Extension Face-To-Face Course have been developed by industry professionals and include in-depth theoretical lessons and hands-on practical tutorials that will guide you through the contraindications, correct treatment protocols and techniques needed to successfully perform safe and professional eyelash extensions on your clients.  They’ll share all their tried and tested tips and tricks so that you can lash like a pro in just a few weeks.

And, with Skin & Beauty Training Centre’s exclusive student support groups, you’ll always be part of a supportive community of beauty professionals ready to empower you to feel confident and clear focused on your business goals.

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