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Mo’ Money: 6 Effective Rebooking Strategies That Work

While social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok make promoting your business fun and exciting; getting caught up in the thrill of attracting new clients often comes at the expense of the single best asset your business already has - your existing clients! To grow your business, utilising effective rebooking strategies will be far more effective than fishing for new clients on social media. 

Did you know that in Australia, research indicates that just 40% of existing salon clients are responsible for 67% of all salon bookings? In simple terms, these figures show that your existing clients are a super valuable income stream and potential growth driver for your business, and in the highly competitive beauty industry, taking these clients for granted will eventually harm your long-term business growth.

The truth is that acquiring new clients is five times more expensive than keeping an existing customer. Don’t get us wrong, customer acquisition is still vital to a business’s success, though spending more time working on your rebooking strategies will go a long way in increasing client retention and your business revenue.

To grow your client base, consider adding ‘bread and butter services’ into your treatment mix.
Spray Tanning, Eyebrow Styling and Eyelash Services are high-repetition services that organically cultivate repeat visits and boost client retention for your business. 

As for right here, right now, here are 6 effective rebooking strategies you can immediately implement to increase client retention rates:

Effective Rebooking Strategies #1 Wow Them With Exceptional Service

First thing first - providing your clients with exceptional service is not just about performing the perfect treatment. I’m sorry to burst your bubble  but there are (most likely) many salon owners in your area, providing technically perfect treatments on their clients, every day.

Delivering beyond your client’s expectations by combining quality treatments with an enjoyable salon experience will help you build a powerful relationship of trust and loyalty that will keep your clients coming back again and again.

Script a beautiful welcome protocol and set up a relaxing space from which your clients can browse both your retail and service offerings. Address them by name and get to know which clients like to chat and which ones prefer some quiet time. Clients are most likely to rebook if they feel valued and understood.

Effective Rebooking Strategies #2 Suggest A Rebooking Date

Don’t expect your client to ask for a rebooking!  It's like expecting your friends to ask if they can come over and visit you. While some clients may say ‘no’ to rebooking, making the suggestion is part of providing good customer service.

Use information gathered from their client profile and verbal conversations to build your rebooking suggestion and avoid asking questions that can be answered with a ‘no’. For example:

"It was so good to see you again today Jenny. I’ve gone ahead and reserved your next waxing appointment for the same time next month.  We’ll text you the confirmation shortly and I’ll look forward to seeing you then."
    "Your skin is looking so much clearer Cathy, to keep the blackheads from building up again, we’ll need to give your skin another deep cleansing facial in around four weeks. That’s the week of the 3rd of February, what day do you prefer? Wednesday, that’s great. Let's book you in at 10am and that will give me enough time to add on that LED Light Therapy treatment we spoke about.

      "I see you’ve got your birthday coming up next month Lisa. What else would you like to add to your wax rebooking? We could do some natural-looking lash extensions and a beautiful spray tan to get you party ready. I’ve got an evening spot available the day before your birthday. What time suits you?"

        Effective Rebooking Strategies #3 Timing Is Key

        The most effective time to rebook your client is while they are still in the treatment room and you have their full attention. Clients are often distracted by mobile phone messages and where they need to be once they leave the treatment room, often responding with - ‘I’ll give you a call’ - to get their thoughts together. 

        Having your booking system available on an iPad or tablet makes it easy to make on-the-spot appointments within your treatment room - making it simple for you to suggest a rebooking and convenient for the client to say yes.

        If you don’t have an online booking system, pre-set the booking intention in the treatment room then advise the client that you'll organise that booking while they get ready.

        Effective Rebooking Strategies #4  Make It Easy For Them To Say Yes

        For the most part, when you ask someone to commit, it’s natural for that person to first consider how it will benefit them. Sometimes, it’s as simple as their need for maintaining their desired result - like regular waxing sessions or keeping their eyebrows on-point.

        In other instances, it may be taking advantage of a limited offer, discounted up-grade or even securing a popular date or time. Pre-plan your approach to utilise these advantages and make it easy for your client to say ‘yes’. For example:

        "It was so good to see you again today Jenny. Being that Christmas is just two months away, I’ve gone ahead and reserved your next two waxing appointments so you don’t miss out on your waxing during our busy December period. We’ll text you the confirmations shortly and I’ll look forward to seeing you then."
          "Your skin is looking so much clearer Cathy, and in order to keep the blackheads from building up again we’ll need to give your skin another deep cleansing facial in around four weeks. That’s the week of the 3rd of February. That’s perfect timing to take advantage of our New Year rebooking offer. If you book today, we can add a complimentary LED Light Therapy upgrade, valued at $79.95. What day do you prefer?"

            Effective Rebooking Strategies #5 Always Follow Up

            Set some time aside every day, to follow up with clients who did not rebook at the time of their visit. Regularly check back to your appointment schedule two weeks, four weeks and six weeks prior and text, email or personally call clients who have not been back since their last visit.

            It’s a great way to get client feedback and measure your performance. While automated text and email services make this task a lot easier, if you have a smaller client base, a friendly phone call to check on your client is always a nice personal touch.

            Take the opportunity to thank the client for visiting your salon and let them know of any special offers you have available when inviting them to rebook their service.

            Effective Rebooking Strategies #6 Keep Your Clients Engaged With Loyalty Programs

            Loyalty programs are not only a fantastic way to reward your regular clients with exclusive offers and special prices but they are also a fail-proof way to generate rebookings and increase your client retention rates.

            Remember, each time your client visits is the perfect opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell other products and services. So, while you may be offering a discounted booking rate via a loyalty program, that client’s ‘lifetime value’ is increased via the opportunity to sell extra services each time they visit. Learn more on our blog: Upselling & Cross-Selling: Service Or Disservice?

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            Think about which of these services would satisfy your local area market and start by training in just one or two services that will help you build a loyal client base for that specialty. 

            In time, as your business grows, you can then gradually add other complementary services, keeping your menu constantly fresh and exciting for you and your customers.

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