Opening Hours 

The training centre is open from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4 pm. You can contact head office on 07 3357 4081 if you have anything you would like to discuss. 

Attending Courses

Courses are held at the Skin & Beauty Training Centre located at 10 Albion Road, Albion 4010, QLD. It is important that all students turn up 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time. 

Do I need a computer?

Computers are not necessary for our training. However if you would like to bring one along to take notes during your theory, you are more than welcome to do so. It’s also a great idea to bring a pen and paper as computers are not allowed in the practical training room. 

What do I wear to training?

We expect attendees to show the same discipline when coming to training as they would in a professional workplace. Students should be well groomed and meet a professional standard. 

  • long Pants
  • Hair - must be clean, neat and tied back at all times
  • Nails - short, clean and no varnish
  • Shoes - must be clean, flat and enclosed 
  • Jewellery - hand jewellery must only be one ring and it must not protrude. No dangling earrings and bangles, and bracelets should be worn. 
  • Personal Hygiene -  Daily showering and dental hygiene is required, especially for practical work. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

If you need to cancel a course we ask you get in your with our admin team on 07 3357 4081 or email admin@skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au 

Issuing of Qualifications 

The courses conducted at the Skin & Beauty Training Centre follow certain accredited training guidelines however the courses are non-accredited. Certificates are provided following the successful completion of training; and these certificates will be accepted industry wide but are not nationally recognised qualifications. The goal however is still to provide a controlled, high level learning environment that takes, hygiene, infection control and workplace health and safety very seriously. 

Payment of course fees and refund requests?

After enrolment you will be provided with payment details. Courses are expected to be paid prior to commencement. If you have any issues surrounding this please get in contact with our admin team on 07 3357 4081 or email admin@skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au.

Training Guarantee

We are committed to ensuring students receive training, assessment and support services that meet your individual needs. To achieve this, we need to know what your needs are. If at any point throughout your course you require any assistance or support, please discuss these needs with our staff and we will do our best to help. If you have any special needs, including language and literacy, learning, mobility, visual or hearing impairment, please notify staff as soon as possible, preferably at enrolment, to allow us to assess your requirements and decide to address your needs where possible.

If you do not tell us about any condition that may affect your learning, we will not be able to assist you if the need arises. Any information you tell us in relation to your needs will remain confidential and will only be used to support you.

Internet Access

All students will be given access to the on site internet for the duration of their course. 


Parking can be a little tricky so it is important to try and get here early. You have access to the train station parking or paid parking is available at the Albion Hotel from 9 am. Alternatively there is a fair amount of street parking available in the area. The train station is 300 meters from our office if you travel via public transport.

Models for training 

Depending on the course, we may ask you bring a model to your practical assessment to practice on. We will provide you more information surrounding models upon your course registration. 

Do I need to bring a kit to training?

All courses that require kits are provide to you at the start of your training and the cost is covered within your course fee.