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4 Tips For Making The Most Out Of The Post Christmas Lull

While the lead up to the Christmas season usually provides a big sales boost for many beauty businesses, knowing how to effectively take advantage of quieter, post-Christmas days and work them to your benefit will go a long way in setting yourself up for a successful new year.

There are plenty of ways to use any extra time created by the post-Christmas slump to boost your sales, grow your business or work on your professional self-development. Here are 4 tips to get your 2022 off to a flying start:

Leverage Your Christmas Sales:

More bookings and sales in the lead up to Christmas and New Year means you have the perfect opportunity to stay busy once the tinsel and confetti has settled. Running a ‘rebooking’ promotion in December to encourage your clients to come back in those first few weeks of January will help you leverage your pre-Christmas/New Year sales and boost your January sales potential. Don't worry if you didn’t think of offering this type of promotion in the lead up to Christmas! You can still take advantage of this promotional idea by sending out your special rebooking offer via email or text message  until the first or second week of January!

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Keep The Festive Spirit Going:

Since many of your clients and customers will be ‘home for the holidays’ , January is the perfect time to host a ‘thank you’ event for your VIP customers. Run a ‘how to’ workshop for your skincare brand or a ‘hands-on make-up tutorial’ demonstrating perfect summer make-up application tips. There are countless fun and interactive ideas that will not only thank your regular clients for their loyalty but also help you immediately boost sales and bookings. 

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Boost Your Online Profile:

Take the opportunity to use your slower days to tweak, revamp or boost your online profiles. Start by following up with your November and December clients and simply ask them to share their experience with you by giving your business an online review on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Make it easy for them by providing a link for each, then get back to them with a thank-you once they’ve reviewed.

Also, use this downtime to plan out a few months worth of post content. Having them scheduled and ready to go with free apps such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Later.com will ensure your socials are still regularly ticking over while you are busy servicing your clients. Or, why not dive in and take the opportunity to plan out the next 6 or 12 months. Using a premium app such as Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts for all of your social media profiles in one place.

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Use Your Down Time For Self Development:

The post-Christmas lull is also the perfect time to work on your skills and knowledge. Research new products and services and think about which of these would fit nicely with your current product and treatment offerings. Perhaps you can add Brow Lamination, Lash Lifting or Spray Tanning services to your list, or maybe it’s time to brush up on your skin knowledge or learn some new facial techniques

In fact, research shows that learning not only teaches you a new skill but also helps to improve and maintain your well-being by boosting self-confidence and helping to build a sense of purpose. So go on!... jump online and sign yourself up for some new year self-development!

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