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Upskill and elevate your service offerings: The 3 most in-demand skin treatments that will next level your beauty business in 2021

It goes without saying that to survive in business you need to be constantly evolving.  

Constantly researching, learning and adapting to cater for current consumer appetite will ensure that your business not only remains relevant, but also remains profitable.

In the beauty industry, there’s now more competition than ever before and, although competition is actually a good thing (yep, you heard me right - competition gives us a basis for comparing our business performance and success and ultimately drives us to do better), the flip side to that is that it also means you are not the only one offering a certain product or service.

Add to that the fact that, as a beauty business owner you now also need to compete with the onslaught of ‘do-it-yourself’ options easily available to your customers via the internet, and you will start to understand how important it is for you to be ready to react and adapt to shifts and trends in the market.

In the skin treatment category, skin savvy consumers are now favouring non-invasive ‘tweakments’ that deliver immediate and natural looking enhancement but with a focus on long term skin health.  A natural looking tweakment may sound like a contradiction however the concept has exploded as a result of covid-19 restrictions and the realities of working from home, physical distancing and mask wearing.  It seems that during a time when wearing make-up became much less important, the realisation that a bare skin that looks fresh and healthy is just as beautiful, finally hit home.  

Luckily, for the beauty service industry;  while recent global events and lockdowns have encouraged millions to trial and experiment with at-home beauty treatments they may never have otherwise tried before, it has also led many consumers to realise that in reality…  ‘expertise’ is hard to replicate at home.  

So, as the revolving door swings back in the salons favour, it’s crucial that you are ready to take advantage of the momentum by upskilling and levelling up your treatment offerings to include these 3 in-demand services.

1. Skin Needling

Skin Needling, also known as Microneedling or MCA - Multi-tropanic Collagen Actuation as it was originally known, is now one of the most in demand skin treatments in the world.  Although not a new concept, innovations with device and delivery design has now made this a hot topic with skin specialists and fanatics alike a singing its praises.  

With a choice of various device options, such as dermal rollers, dermal pens and dermal stamp infusions, this minimally invasive treatment can be used all over the body to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, scars as well as stimulate hair growth on the scalp.

A type of collagen induction therapy that actually stimulates new collagen to grow within the skin, not only helping the skin stay firm, smooth and plump but also improving the appearance of issues such as pigmentation, acne scarring, broken capillaries and even some types of stretch-marks and scars - Skin Needling also amplifies the effects of topical skin care by allowing for better penetration of serums and moisturisers so that the active ingredients can reach the skin at a level where they are best utilised.

In-clinic, you can choose to further enhance the results of Microneedling by combining it with treatments such as Hyaluronic Acid and Peptide masks, LED Light Therapy or infusions of rich plasma taken from the client’s own blood (aka - Vampire Facial). 

2. Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a popular new treatment that involves the use of a surgical scalpel to immediately rejuvenate the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz (vellus) hair.

Also referred to as epidermal levelling or microplaining, this treatment is also highly effective in minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, whilst leaving skin instantly smooth, supple and bright.

The perfect addition to your skin service menu, Dermaplaning is also a fantastic prepping treatment prior to peels, enzyme treatments and also an effective way of increasing the penetration of active ingredients in professional and home care products.

Although the basic concept of dermaplaining is similar to shaving, the technique is very different in that it uses a surgical scalpel type blade to precisely skim away dead skin cells and debris build up as well as remove the vellus hair in a manner which will not create post treatment stubble.  

For this reason it is crucial that you receive proper training from an experienced dermaplaining technician who will guide you on correct treatment protocols and techniques as well as teach you how to safely and effectively integrate this service with your existing treatment offerings.


3. Advanced Peels

While beauty salons and clinic were closed during the peak of the covid pandemic, Google search data shows that searches for ‘home chemical peels’ soared by a whopping 200% while a rise in related search terms such as ‘hyperpigmentation’, ‘ageing’, ‘exfoliation’, ‘acne’ and ‘mask-wearing’ indicated that consumers were searching for both guidance and solutions to these very relevant skin issues.

Skin peels have always been popular however after being eclipsed by new skin-resurfacing lasers in the early 2000’s, it seems that the good old humble chemical peel is back on top with more people getting them now than ever before.  Why?

Well, it turns out that advanced skin peels outplay high-tech devices such as lasers due to their ability to not only improve fine lines, acne, pigmentation and textural skin issues but because they are suitable for the majority of skin types and colours - and usually at a fraction of the cost of laser based options.

That said, there are a multitude of advanced skin peel options and learning the ins and outs of key ingredients, how to decipher the language of %’s and PH of formulations and then how to incorporate this modality into your facial treatments to achieve optimal results is paramount. 

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