High Definition Eyebrows | Online
High Definition Eyebrows | Online
High Definition Eyebrows | Online

High Definition Eyebrows | Online

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So much more than a standard brow wax and tint, high-definition brows will allow you to achieve some seriously amazing brows. This comprehensive course will teach you how to tailor brows to a client's unique features. 

Why study with us?

  • Our trainers have 50+ years of combined professional experience
  • We empower beginners to feel confident in themselves and the treatments they perform
  • We focus on business growth & profitability to enable small businesses to thrive and grow
  • Lifetime access to your course
  • No deadlines
  • In-depth video tutorials
  • Year-round support
  • Professional kits available

HD Brows Course content

  • Advanced consultation, treatment and aftercare process
  • Leading brow mapping technique
  • Expert sculpture & waxing procedure
  • Master Bronsun dye selection, application and removal
  • The art of tweezing & trimming 
  • Provide an outstanding client experience from beginning to end
  • Achieve a range of desired brow looks
  • Troubleshooting common treatment challenges 
  • This masterclass will empower you to feel confident while performing high definition brow services

Professional HD Brow Kit Available 

1x Pigmented brow mapping thread

1x Brow mapping pencil

1x Blade Sharpener

1x Brow paste (white)

1x Angled brow brush

1x Brow callipers 

1x hybrid wax beads

1x oxidant 

1x Bronsun dye (light brown)

1x Bronsun dye (chestnut)

1x Bronsun dye (dark brown)

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