Hydr8tan Body Buff and Polish Mitt

Hydr8tan Body Buff and Polish Mitt

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HYDR8TAN Body Buff & Polish is the most effective treatment for pre and post tanning treatments. By removing dead skin cells and impurities from the surface layers of the skin your skin is left feeling silky smooth.

Use the mitt to prepare for a HYDR8TAN Professional Spray Tan. Use the mitt to remove your tan as it begins to fade. The mitt is excellent at removing tricky and stubborn areas of built up tan. The Body Buff & Polish promotes and stimulates fresh healthy skin and enhances blood circulation while preventing clogged pores and dryness. By buffing the skin and removing tan residue you are left with the perfect base for your next flawless spray tan.


Soften the skin in a shower or bath then wet the mitt, squeeze out excess water and place on your hand. For best results step out of shower/bath, using reasonable pressure, rub skin in a rapid vertical direction. Rinse mitt thoroughly with warm water and anti-bacterial cleanser after each use. Hang and leave to dry away from direct heat. Do not machine wash.