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Lip Blush Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo | In-person
Lip Blush Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo | In-person
Lip Blush Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo | In-person

Lip Blush Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo | In-person

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Learn the art of Lip Blush in our comprehensive 2-day Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo masterclass. 

Why study with us?

  • Our trainers have 50+ years of combined professional experience
  • Small class sizes 
  • We empower beginners to feel confident in themselves and the treatments they perform
  • We focus on business growth & profitability to enable small businesses to thrive and grow
  • Lifetime access to your course
  • Year-round support

Lip Blush Course content 

  • Safety and Hygiene Requirements: Comprehensive guidelines on maintaining a sterile and safe environment during Lip treatments. This includes proper sanitation practices and protocols for preventing cross-contamination to ensure both client and technician safety.

  • Advanced Consultation, Treatment, and Aftercare Process: Detailed instructions on conducting thorough consultations with clients to understand their needs and expectations. This section also covers the step-by-step treatment procedure and essential aftercare advice to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.

  • Lip Mapping and Design: Techniques for precise lip mapping to create symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing lip designs tailored to each client's unique lip shape. This includes measuring and marking the lip area to enhance the natural shape and add definition.

  • Photography and Procedure Documentation: Guidance on how to effectively document the brow transformation process through photography. This includes taking high-quality before and after photos, managing client records, and maintaining detailed procedure logs for reference and future treatments.

Required Prerequisites

Maintain Infection Control SHBBINF001

Recommended Prerequisites

Foundation Skin Knowledge | Find out more 

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