Laser, IPL & SHR Hair Reduction (Face to Face)

Laser, IPL & SHR Hair Reduction (Face to Face)

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Learn from Australia’s leading beauty professionals via our face-to-face and intimate small group masterclass and get a head-start on your beauty career.

Laser Hair Removal works by directing concentrated light to target the hair follicle at the root. The laser inhibits the hair’s ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface, so even the most sensitive skin can be treated.

Intense pulsed light technologies have evolved significantly since their introduction to the medical community in the early 90s. Based on the same theoretical principles as aesthetic treatments performed with lasers; IPL systems, in fact, are not lasers, however can be used safely and effectively for permanent hair reduction and the treatment of many vascular and pigmented lesions.  Newer technologies and advancements in IPL capabilities now often give results equal to those of laser treatments. 

This course will enable you to gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform both advanced IPL hair reduction and skin treatments to the highest standard.

It will provide you with both the fundamental and underpinning knowledge required to understand light-based therapies and how to carry out the procedural and administrative controls necessary for the safe use of Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Systems within a clinic environment.

Our course is centred around:

  • Developing and educating you to provide the best possible treatment experience and results for your clients.
  • Understanding the science behind IPL technology how it works to deliver amazing results every time
  • Empowering you to feel confident in yourself and the treatments you perform.

It is in no way meant to take the place of any practical training needed for the safe and effective physical application of Laser or Intense Pulse light treatments on clients and patients.

This Laser, IPL & SHR Hair Reduction Masterclass has been developed by industry professionals in collaboration with the Australian Skin Institute and Brazilian Beauty clinics Australia. Our face-to-face platform will give you first-hand accessibility to gaining the knowledge and skill set needed to confidently perform perfect Laser, IPL & SHR Hair Reduction services, using successfully tried and tested products and techniques.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Understand what IPL & SHR is and how it works
  • Perform a client consultation 
  • Correctly perform the treatment
  • Know and understand client contraindications
  • Correct workspace setup
  • The importance of client aftercare 
  • How to troubleshoot
  • How to deal with client complaints
  • Provide a safe and sterile work environment
This Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) fundamentals course is aimed at qualified professionals working in the Aesthetic Beauty Industry.

If you have any questions please call our team on (07) 3357 4081 or email for more information.

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