ASI Online Training - Learning The Basics Of A Cosmeceutical Skincare Range

ASI Online Training - Learning The Basics Of A Cosmeceutical Skincare Range

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Welcome to ASI online learning!

This ASI Product Masterclass core training module will guide you through the Australian Skin Institute's range of cosmeceutical skin care products and give you the foundation you need to confidently recommend the range to your customers. 

Learn the story and philosophy behind this innovative, Australian made brand and how the combination of fresh, active ingredients and a cutting-edge transdermal delivery system ensures exceptional skin management results for every client.

Build a greater understanding of the skin types and how a cosmeceutical skincare interacts with skin cells to create effective change. Helping and assisting to rebuild skin , treating acne, redness, sensitivity, aging and helping with all over skin health. 

You will learn:

  • Learn about the philosophy of the brand and what makes ASI Skincare so different
  • Exposure to customer consultation techniques
  • Exposure to cutting edge dermal delivery systems 
  • Learn about active and results driven ingredients and how they work on different skin types
  • An overview into understanding what cosmeceutical skin care range is
  • Understanding what nanotechnology is why it’s so important for results 
  • Exposure to each individual product in the range and have the ability to rewatch training videos at your own pace
  • Exposure to ASI’s cutting edge results facial


The Skin and Beauty Centre recommends and uses ASI Skincare. If you would like to learn more about becoming a stockist apply here.

All specialised training courses are readily available for all levels of experience; from aspiring home salon owners, to beauty therapists who are new to the industry, through to experienced therapists or salon owners looking to expand their knowledge and up-skill in a new treatment. 

If you have any questions please call our friendly team on 07 3357 4081 or email