6 Step HydraFacial Course (Online)

6 Step HydraFacial Course (Online)

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Welcome to the MediLight 6 Step HydraFacial Training Course. This online Medilight 6 Step HydraFacial Course covers both the theory and practical knowledge required to perform professional HydraFacial treatments. Take your skin modality training to a whole new level with our MediLight 6 Step HydraFacial experience. Incorporate a cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and firming treatment using a combination of medical grade skin resurfacing and advanced biotechnologies.

Our 6 Step HydraFacial training enables you to gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform effective treatments to the highest standard by guiding you in assessing contraindications, correct treatment protocols and techniques allowing you on completion of this course to confidently perform professional and safe MediLight 6 Step HydraFacial on clients. In this course you will learn the technology of this advanced skin resurfacing treatment including, treatment contraindications, how to perform the treatment, how to troubleshoot problems and how to maintain and clean the machine.

Stand out in the beauty industry by providing up-to-date and advanced modalities. As new technologies are introduced and gain popularity, it is essential to also align your skills and knowledge to meet the demand.

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