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Skincare Range

The beauty industry is one where your tools can make a world of difference. Knowing this key fact has allowed us to partner with a high quality cosmeceutical range from The Australian Skin Institute.

The Australian Skin Institute is a community of beauty and pharmaceutical experts who are passionate about innovating premium cosmeceuticals. Together we have created a cosmeceutical range of skincare, that is professionally recommended, which is fresh, active, potent and produces visible results for Australian women and men!

All our products are supplied in airless packaging, allowing customers to savour every last drop! The unique formulations are specifically designed for correcting and caring for Australian skin concerns and have been developed in conjunction with professional therapists responding to feedback from clients Australia-wide.

Using fresh, active cosmeceutical skincare provides an abundance of benefits that other products simply do not offer. ASI cosmeceutical ranges can provide your customers with everything their skin needs and results they can really see!

The product incorporates a unique dermal delivery system; it is designed to allow a high concentration of the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin layers. After a lengthy trial period that successfully met all of the objectives, the Australian Skin Institute formulated specialised treatment range Pure Potent-C, a range that is uniquely fresh and packed with vitamins, minimal ingredients and is results driven. 

Powered by Avocado & Macadamia Oil, these wrap the active ingredients. ASI’s formulation of Avocado and Macadamia oil have a cutting edge nanotechnology (Smaller molecular size), meaning 10x more effective absorption, allows absorption through the skin, fully penetrating the dermal layers, leaving no product on the surface.

To get you hands on these fantastic products for personal use or to stock in your business please click here, ASI Website.


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