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Online Courses

We believe in giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose how, when and at what pace you decide to learn. 

The online courses we have designed for online learning use the same content and format as our face to face courses.

Our regular online courses come without a start up kit. For any new learner we’d recommend purchasing a course which includes a kit so you are equipped with all the tools and consumables you need to fully complete the course and start performing treatments immediately. 

We understand that everyone’s different in their approach to learning and each individual student has their own style of learning. 

With this in mind for online learning courses we have options of 1 hour zoom or face to face learning sessions with one of our qualified trainers, at $80 per hour, if you require this additional support. 

If for any reason you require help and support on your learning journey or have any questions please call us on 07 3357 4081 or email info@skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au 

We’re always here to help you become the best version of you.


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