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Why Everyone Is Talking About BROW LAMINATION!

Just when you thought the world’s obsession with eyebrows couldn’t get any more intense, along comes another treatment that takes the pursuit for brow perfection to the next level… it’s called Brow Lamination… and everyone is talking about it!

But don’t let the name fool you.  Brow Lamination won’t involve running your client’s eyebrows through a plastic laminating machine and handing them back on a certificate!

Instead, a Brow Lamination procedure will transform your client’s sparse, thin or difficult to manage eyebrows by smoothing and straightening unruly and hard to manage hairs and semi-permanently fixing them into the popular, ‘brushed-up & over’ style. 

This repositioning of the brow hair instantly thickens the brows, creating fullness and definition by covering gaps and sparse patches, as well as helping to soften and straighten coarse and messy hairs.

Also referred to as a ‘brow lift’ or a ‘brow perm’, a Brow Lamination is the perfect way to give your clients instantly fuller looking eyebrows using their existing eyebrow hairs.




So how exactly does Brow Lamination work? 

Brow Lamination works like a traditional hair perm except, instead of curling the hair, the process essentially flattens, smooths and straightens the eyebrow hairs.

It’s an easy, relaxing and pain-free procedure that involves the application of a specially formulated lifting cream which works to soften the bonds that give brow hairs their texture and shape.  Once these bonds are soft, the brow hairs are brushed and combed into their new position and set into shape with the application of a neutralising cream.

Once set, a nourishing keratin treatment is applied to replenish moisture and restrengthen the hairs before being brushed and fluffed into their final shape.

Who is the Brow Lamination procedure suitable for?

Brow Lamination is perfect for clients with coarse, wiry and difficult to manage brow hairs - the kind that just won’t sit in place no matter how much you brush and style them. Or for clients whose hairs grow in a flattened or downward direction, making the brows look thin and shapeless.

The process of repositioning and setting hairs into place makes Brow Lamination also ideal for any clients who have sparse or patchy brows and prefer a less invasive alternative to options such as microblading or powder brow tattooing.


How long does a Brow Lamination procedure take?

This non-invasive three-step procedure will take your client’s eyebrows from meh to me-wow in just 30-45 minutes.  Team it up with an optional brow tint, waxing or threading and your clients will be totally addicted… coming back time and time again for your eyebrow wizardry.




What are the costs vs profits of offering Brow Lamination procedures?

With the average cost of a Brow Lamination service being between $90-$125 you can easily turn over $750.00 per day ($3750.00 per week) just doing 6 clients a day, five days a week.  

Even at half that number, you would be turning over $93K per year just offering Brow Lamination services alone. Those are amazing figures considering your expenses would be around $20-$25 per client; making you an all in profit of over $70K per year!


How do I become a certified Brow Lamination technician?

At the Skin & Beauty Training Centre, our Brow Lamination courses have been developed by industry professionals in collaboration with leading Australian beauty clinics to teach you everything you need to know to create stunning Brow Lamination results for your clients.

Guiding you through the contraindications, correct treatment protocols and techniques needed to successfully perform safe and professional Brow Lamination procedures, the experienced SBTC trainers will share all their tried and tested tips and tricks so that you can achieve the perfect Brow Lamination with confidence.

Your online or face-to-face Brow Lamination training options come with ongoing mentoring and support via SBTC online beauty community groups and complimentary training opportunities.

And, of course, on completion you will receive a certificate of attainment to acknowledge that you have been professionally trained in Brow Lamination procedures.




With a mission to develop and educate students to provide the best possible treatment experience and results for their customers, the Skin & Beauty Training Centre provides ongoing mentoring and support via online beauty community groups and complimentary training opportunities.

Providing a clear focus on business growth and profitability, students are empowered to feel confident not only in the treatment and services they are providing, but also in the ability for their business to thrive and grow.

To get started, contact the SBTC team on:

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visit the SBTC website at skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au or 

email info@skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au 

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