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Upselling: The Five Keys To Successful Sales In Beauty

Navigating a successful beauty business can often feel a little overwhelming. When growing your business, there are many considerations and approaches to try. These can lead you down the road of analysis paralysis, crippling you from taking action. The truth is, upselling doesn't have to be complicated. Here are the five simple keys to overcoming those barriers, simplifying the upselling process and helping you stay within your zone of genius.

Step 1: Build Trust 

Think about an outstanding experience you have had with a salesperson. Maybe your hairdresser or that retail assistant who helped you find the perfect shoes. What made them stand out? I'm confident it had something to do with genuine conversation, feeling like they truly understood your needs and getting you excited about your purchase. In short, you trusted their recommendations. 

It's essential to build a connection with your clients, find common ground and be aware of social cues. The conversation should involve getting to know each other while encouraging them to tell you about their concerns and desired results. Top tip! If a client tells you about a significant upcoming event or perhaps a new relationship, write it down in their file and ask about it next time. By doing this, you are showing your client that you genuinely listen. In return, you will gain their trust, which leads to successful sales.

Step 2: Stand Out 

There is a lot of competition out there. Many beauty businesses offer the same services. So what makes a client return? You may be surprised to know that it's not the service but rather the experience. It takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression, make sure those first 7 seconds set you up for success. Here are some ‘go the extra mile’ ideas:

  1. Have an inviting and welcoming reception area with calming music and scented candles.
  2. Offer water or tea before their appointment.
  3. Add a quick brow massage with your finishing cream to your brow services.
  4. Do a scalp massage while your lash tint is processing. 
  5. Massage the client’s hands while their mask is processing.

These are the things that will set you apart from your competition. If a client enjoys their experience with you, they will keep coming back and be much more open to trying new services and products. 

Step 3: Never Assume

"They don't look like they want to spend money on product".

"She wouldn't be interested in lash extensions".

"He will get annoyed if I suggest adding a brow tint".

Stop with the negative talk and assumptions! You are the expert, and your client is there to be guided by you. Utilise your knowledge, education and expertise. If you know a product will help your client's pigmentation, suggest it. If your client shows you a picture of laminated brows but has booked in for a brow shape and tint, upgrade them. Always upsell to improve your client's results. It all comes down to educating your clients on the benefits of what you're recommending and speaking with confidence. There is a big difference between 

"Hmm, you could probably try a brow lamination. It might give your brows a little more fullness."


"Have you heard of a brow lamination? I couldn't recommend this treatment highly enough. You will love the added fullness it will give your eyebrows. It's quick, low maintenance and makes styling your brows an absolute breeze". 

Suppose you don't feel confident - never fear! That's what training is for - check out our face to face and online bespoke beauty courses here. Allow us to assist you with getting your confidence back on track!

Step 4: Consultation 

A consultation is the most crucial part of successfully upselling. You need to find out what your client is looking to achieve. Use open and closed questions to gather as much information as possible. Utilise a consultation card but don't be afraid to go off-script and personalise the experience. If your client is looking to avoid mascara but wants their lashes to look fuller and longer, they might book themselves in for a lash tint. It's your job to educate them and upsell them to a lash lift or lash extensions. Don't assume what your client has booked in for will be the best treatment for them. Your clients will see new treatment options on Instagram, their work colleagues and their local barista. If you're not upselling a service, clients will search for somewhere new that offers the service. Top tip! Allow yourself time in the mornings to go over your appointments and think about what you could be upselling each client coming in that day.

Step 5: Ask for the sale.

Perhaps you have explained all the benefits of a treatment or product to your client, but nothing ever eventuated from it. Did you ask for the sale? It's such a critical small step, yet it's often forgotten. If it helps, stop thinking of it as a 'sale'. If you're recommending your clients something that will benefit them and improve their results, they will genuinely be thankful. Once you've put in the groundwork and educated your client, seal the deal with something like

"So how does that sound"?

"Why don't we book you in for that skin needling treatment?"

Your clients won't always say yes, and that's okay. Keep practising, upselling, and growing your confidence. Trust me. The sales will come! 

Here are our top 5 upsell services:

  1. Brow shape and tint ➡️ brow lamination.

Want to add brow laminations to your service menu? Check out our course here.

  1. Lash tint ➡️ lash lift.

Want to add lash lifts to your service menu? Check out our course here.

  1. Lash lift ➡️ lash extensions.

Want to add lash extensions to your service menu? Check out our course here.

  1. Custom facial ➡️ skin needling.

Want to add skin needling to your service menu? Check out our course here.

  1. Facial waxing ➡️ dermaplaning.

Want to add dermaplaning to your service menu? Check out our course here.

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