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The Beauty Of Side Hustling: How to turn your beauty obsession into fresh money.

Have you got a flair for doing make-up?  Or maybe lashes and brows are your obsession?  Well, starting a side hustle in the beauty industry could be just the thing to bring you some extra pocket money in 2021.

No matter if you already have a full-time job, are a student with some flexible time on your hands or a stay-at-home mum looking for something you can do from home… turning your passion for beauty into a cheeky little side hustle can be more lucrative than you think.  Data shows that the average Australian woman spends over $3,600.00 on beauty each year… that’s $300.00 per month!  Why not direct a little of that cash flow your way??

Brisbane based, Skin & Beauty Training Centre have just released a selection of ‘start-up’, online and face-to-face beauty courses that will take any beauty enthusiast from amateur to professional in the blink of a fluttery-lashed eye.  Packaged with training kits and all the essentials you’ll need, you’ll be making some fresh money in no time.  Once you get going, your only problem will be deciding what to spend all that new dosh on.

Here a 5 beauty side hustle you can do from home:

#1:  Spray Tanning

Quick, easy and super cost-effective, Spray Tanning is one of the most popular beauty services in Australia.  Whether you choose to do it from your own home or decide to go mobile, setting up for a spray tan is fast and super easy.   All you need is a reliable spray tan machine, a spray tan tent and your spray tan solution and your ready to go.  With a spray tan service taking approx 10 minutes and prices ranging from $25 - $40 depending on your set up and products used, you could easily be making over $500.00 per week while only spending half an hour doing 3 spray tans a day.  That’s $26K per year… just saying.

#2:  Eyebrows

If you are truly beauty obsessed then I don’t even need to explain how hot Eyebrow Grooming is right now.  Eyebrow Sculpting, HD Eyebrow Tinting and now, Eyebrow Lamination is so popular that it is now a business within itself.  Learn how to create individually tailored, bespoke brows for each client… from consultation and brow mapping right through to high definition tinting and waxing with Skin & Beauty Training Centres HD High Definition Brow Masterclass.  Or learn how to impress your clients with gorgeous, slicked-up, high-shine Brow Lamination in the online Brow Lamination training class.  With prices for brow services ranging from $25 for a basic sculpt up to $125 for a complete brow make-over… your little side hustle could easily rake you in a cool $600+ a week just doing a handful of clients.  

#3:  Eyelash Extension

Another lucrative side-hustle you can easily set up at home is Eyelash Extensions.  With just a treatment bed, some good lighting and your kit of lash products, you will be lashing with the best of them.  With most salons charging an average of $150.00; even at $80-$100 per set from a home based business, your earning potential could easily reach up to $1000+ per week with only 2 clients per day Monday to Friday.  And you’ll have the week-ends free to spend all your fresh money!

#4:   Body Waxing

Australians are obsessed with waxing!  Of course we are… we live on a giant island.   Being silky smooth and hair free is pretty much our national costume.  The great thing about offering waxing services from home is that building up a good client base is pretty easy… most of it will be made up of friends and family.  But no freebies… ok?  The training you will receive from the Skin & Beauty Training Centre will teach you all the theoretical knowledge and practical application techniques needed to provide body waxing services safely and confidently.  You’ll learn both Hot Wax and Strip Wax techniques as well as how to sell after wax products… so you can side hustle your side hustle!  Of course, waxing prices vary but let’s say an average person spends at a minimum $30-$40 a month, getting their legs waxed or maybe lip & chin waxed or underarm and bikini waxed...  $30 x 12 = $360 per year for one client.  Now, lets build you up to 10 clients per week who rebook monthly…  that’s a potential income of nearly $15K.

#5:  Dermaplaning

Got an interest in skin care?  Dip your toe in the water and start by offering some of the latest and most popular skin treatments from home.  Dermaplaning, a treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim away dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face, is the perfect skin smoothing service that will impress your clients with immediate results and have them coming back again and again.  Priced at $149.00 in clinics, this service could easily be earning you $80-$100 from home.  Multiply that be just a few clients a week and those shoes you’ve been eyeing off are all yours!

How to get started:

First thing’s first… jump online and check out the Skin & Beauty Training Centre for a list of their online & face-to-face course options or simply call and chat to one of their friendly team members if you are wanting some advice or direction on how you can get started setting up your beauty business from home.  Click here for all the contact information.

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