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Spray Tan Pro Tips: 8 things you should do for perfect sunless tanning.

With 2020’s restrictions now easing and the summer festive season well and truly on its way, now is the perfect time to start working on looking our most fabulous selves.  Hibernation is over darlings and if looking all pale and pasty in that off-the-shoulder number you snagged during your lock-down shopping frenzy, is not exactly the summer vibe you were hoping for then perhaps it’s time to consider finally getting that spray tan you have been meaning to try.

Here are 8 things you should do before, during and after your spray tan to get a stunning bronzed finish:

Tip #1: Choose Natural & Organic

Although sunless tanning is always a better option than baking your skin in the sun’s UV radiation, it’s important that you choose a spray tan formulated with natural and organic ingredients that not only tan but nourish your skin as well.  

The Hydr8 rapid spray tan, available at Brazilian Beauty, contains natural and organic ingredients that produce a beautiful, flawless tan in just 2 hours, and unlike many rapid tans, ensures the skin is hydrated and dryness is minimised by including organic Aloe Vera, Glycerine and vitamin E within the formulation. 

Both active tanning ingredients, DHA (Ecocert Natural) and Erythrulose (Ecocert Natural) not only create the tanned effect on the skin but are also skin conditioning while the added Grapefruit extract creates a skin-tightening, skin conditioning tonic that produces a feeling of well-being on the skin.

Hydr8 Tan is also uniquely formulated with Kakadu Plum extract to detoxify the skin while providing both anti-bacterial and antioxidant protection against environmental factors such as pollution and sun exposure.  

Tip #2: Prepare your skin

For best results, make sure to exfoliate your entire body with a professional grade mitt on the day, or night before your spray tan appointment.  This will ensure the spray tan will evenly coat your skin without sitting on top of thickened layers of dead skin build up.

The DHA in the formulation reacts with the amino acids in the skin’s epidermis (dead skin cells) so you want to make sure that you don’t have any areas of the body with extra build up for the spray tan to catch on (it will look patchy).  Focus on your ankles, knees and elbows or anywhere else where you may be looking a little dry.  If your skin is especially dry then start doing some regular exfoliating and moisturising in the days leading up to your spray tan to precondition your skin.

Do not apply any moisturiser, body balms or oils to your skin after your last exfoliation before your spray tan however you can apply a little to your elbows, knees and even knuckles at your appointment with the Body Hydration body moisturiser provided in the room.

If you normally wax or shave any body areas, don’t forget to do this a few days before your spray tan as both will strip away the colour.

Tip #3: Turn up make-up & deodorant free

Having a very light spray of tan on the face gives a beautiful and natural overall finish to your tanned look.  It’s best to attend your appointment make-up free however you can also use the facial wipes provided to remove your make-up before you get sprayed.

Also make sure to wipe away any deodorant residue from your underarms as this can interfere with the tan formula.

Tip #4:  Don’t be shy!

Your spray tan expert has seen it all before, in every shape and size so go for a seamless look and get naked, however, if that’s just not your thing, that’s totally ok!  Disposable g-strings will be provided for your modesty as well as a hair net to protect your hair from the spray tan solution.

Tip #5:  Tell your therapist how dark you want to go

The Hydr8 Tan comes in both a 12% and 15% intensity and each can be adjusted to your liking.  If unsure on your first visit, always go a little more natural.  You can always go back and add an extra layer if needed.  Once you’ve found your perfect application, it will be quick and easy on following visits.

Tip #6:  Wear loose clothing on the way home

Although Hydr8 tan uses a quick dry formulation it is best to wear loose fitting clothing for your trip home, including going braless if possible.  Any kind of hard rubbing on the skin can interfere with the tanning process in the first two hours.  Grab yourself a loose dress or Kaftan and a pair of thongs and you’ll be A-ok.

Tip #7:   Allow your tan to process 

Don’t do anything that will make you perspire excessively immediately after your spray tan.  That’s a firm ‘no’ to going to the gym or doing a home work-out.

Your spray tan expert will recommend an amount of time for you to allow the tan to process (usually at least 2 hours) after which time you can jump in the shower for a simple rinse off with no soap or body wash … just stand there and rinse with water until it runs clear then jump out and gently towel pat your skin dry (no rubbing).

Tip #8:  Take care of your tan

And now that you are looking fabulously bronzed; look after it darling.  Avoid staying in baths, pools and spas for extended periods and use the recommended tanning aftercare to maintain and extend the life of your tan.

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