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Meet Amy: Your Training & Development Manager

Meet Amy! Skin & Beauty Training Centre’s very own Training & Development Manager. There are many beauty courses and trainers available, but we can guarantee none have the same level of passion, motivation and drive as Amy. Last week, we sat down with Amy and spoke about her experience in the beauty industry, what she loves about it, her motivations and how she wants to share her passion with the next generation of beauty therapists & entrepreneurs. 


How long have you been in the Industry?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 10.5 years!


What got you into the beauty industry?

Emma Irwin from YourTime Skin & Beauty - my unofficial big sister. She ignited a love and passion for this industry when I visited her clinic all the way back in 2013 as a client and she still continues to support and push me every day personally and professionally!


What's your favourite part about working in a female-dominated industry?

The support culture! Becoming best friends with the people you work alongside and being able to say you genuinely love your career and workplace!



What makes you passionate about training other beauty lovers?

I love sharing my knowledge and passion through education - watching my students grow confident in their treatments and give phenomenal client experiences is something I’ll never grow tired of. I also really love to talk, so what better way to get paid than to be a trainer talking about something you love!?


What can people expect from a Skin & Beauty Training Centre training day?

You can expect Skin and Beauty Training Centre to become a household name in the Beauty Industry for producing the next generation of beauty therapists, enthusiasts and lovers. Our training days will be hands-on & educational but also fun and interactive! I want to share as much of my passion and knowledge as possible with everyone, I openly encourage all of my students to get involved and ask questions - don't be afraid to show your beautiful and authentic self! As a beauty professional, a huge part of our role is to help our clients feel confident and love the skin they’re in - the first step to being able to do that genuinely and authentically is to believe it about yourself. 


What's the most common beauty mistake you see people making?

I could probably name 10 'common beauty mistakes' but I will narrow it down to just 2. Not wearing sunscreen and over-exfoliating their skin!


What motivates you?

My motivation is the desire to create a higher standard across the beauty industry and have not only my clients but everyone receive the best possible experience. Being a trainer has enabled me to show many students how impactful & important attention to detail, passion and care are in our industry - seeing their clientele and expertise grow makes my heart happy.


Who’s your dream dinner party guest?

TOUGH ONE! Audrey Hepburn - the epitome of elegance and compassion. I feel I could learn so much from her.


What's something you want to achieve by the end of the year?

Also a tough one! I always have personal and professional goals but I think my biggest/overall goal is to learn to be content and happy with where I am. Not looking forward to the next thing in life! Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.


If you weren't in beauty, what would you be doing?

Nursing/midwifery! I actually hold a nursing cert from a school-based traineeship I did at my local hospital in NSW while in year 11 & 12 but had a change of career path at 20!

Any tips for someone who wants to take the leap into a beauty career or start their own business?

As cliche as it is, just do it (cue the NIKE tick)! When you feel scared to take the step of doing something, that is usually the indication you're on the right path. Entering beauty, you will be among the most supportive people who cheer you on and guide you. And of course, talk to us! We want to support your journey and make sure you’re on the right path as well. I highly recommend booking in a no-obligation chat with our wonderful beauty advisor Anna. Anna will chat with you in-depth about your goals, see if we’re the right fit for your journey and help you get started! Click here to claim your free session. 

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