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What Is Skin Needling? And Why You Need It In Your Beauty Salon

As a skin care professional looking to provide your clients with effective skin corrective treatments, levelling up your service menu by including in-demand services such as Skin Needling will ensure your beauty salon or skin clinic remains relevant and profitable.

Also known as Microneedling or CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy), Skin Needling has become a prevalent cosmetic procedure amongst professional skin therapists and clients looking for fast and affordable anti-ageing skin solutions.

Recent studies reveal that Skin Needling offers better and faster results than other skin rejuvenation treatments and gives clients a more natural and less invasive option than injectable fillers and intensive laser procedures.

How Does Skin Needling Work?
Professional Skin Needling is performed via a hand-held, pen-style device that utilises oscillating needles to create thousands of controlled micro-channels in the skin, with minimal damage to the epidermis. 

These 'micro wounds' trigger the skin's natural wound healing response, prompting fibroblast response and the release of growth factors that form collagen and elastin - leading to the plumping, tightening and reconditioning of the skin's surface.

Additionally, the tiny channels created by the skin needling device increase permeability within the skin, allowing for better penetration of topically applied cosmeceutical ingredients.

What Can Skin Needling Treat?
Although Skin Needling can be performed on almost any part of the body, it is most commonly used on the face, neck, decolletage, and scalp to treat hair thinning.

Skin Needling is an effective treatment choice for:

  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks and other body scars
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Pigmentation, sun damage and age spots
  • Large or open pores
  • Skin plumping and tightening
  • Hair thinning

Why You Should Offer Skin Needling In Your Beauty Salon
In the skin treatment category, skin savvy consumers are now favouring quick and easy, non-invasive options focusing on long-term skin health.

Skin Needling is a simple, cost-effective procedure able to address many of your client's most common skin concerns. Performed as a stand-alone procedure or combined with other popular skin treatments (such as professional skin peels, dermaplaning or dermal stamping), you will be able to offer the latest and most effective skin solutions from your beauty salon or clinic.

Train With Australia's Leading Professionals
Designed for new and experienced Beauty Therapists, Dermal Clinicians or medical professionals, our in-depth, face-to-face and online Skin Needling Masterclass will teach you the theory and practical knowledge required to perform Skin Needling treatments safely and effectively using a 'motorised pen' device (Dermal Pen).

Our professional Skin Needling course was developed by industry professionals collaborating with Brazilian Beauty clinics Australia and ASI Cosmeceutical Skincare to provide you with a complete turnkey treatment protocol that utilises successfully tried and tested equipment, products and techniques.

You will not only learn the unique Skin Needling procedure protocols that have made this treatment one of the most requested in-clinic skin treatments in the world, but you'll also learn how to integrate this with your existing treatment offerings successfully.


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