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Keep your beauty business moving in the right direction: 3 motivational steps you can take right now to get you moving.

Having your own business can be super rewarding.  Whether you’re a sole trader working from home or a boss babe with a staff of 20; there are numerous benefits to being self-employed.  However, running your own business can also be mentally isolating - specially during challenging times.  

Keeping yourself and your team motivated is essential for maintaining the forward-moving momentum that a business needs to survive and thrive, but how do you stay focused when your time, your mind and your energy have been whacked off course?

Here are 3 motivational steps you can take right now to keep you and your business moving in the right direction:

#1: Remember Your Goals

Do you remember the excitement of starting your beauty business?  Designing your space, choosing the decor, planning your service menu… and of course welcoming your first client.  Intentional or instinctive, goal setting fuels excitement and excitement fuels motivation.  Take time to revisit your goals.  Remember and congratulate yourself on the ones you have already accomplished (yeah girl!... you did that!) and create a reworked action plan for the ones that still need to be reached.  Break those suckers down into monthly, weekly or even daily action steps, then commit to making each step happen.  You’ll soon feel the buzz of excitement kick back in, motivating you to keep moving forward.

#2: Get Involved

Being your own boss can get a little lonely, especially if you are a sole trader.  But even if you have a team of staff, it’s important to have a network of like-minded professionals to keep you inspired and motivated.  These days, getting involved can be as easy as joining a few industry Facebook groups, signing up for some online events or attending a live conference.  Which ever way you prefer to connect, the beauty industry has a multitude of networking options to not only keep you motivated, but also open you up to new business ideas, opportunities and potential partnerships.  Check out SBTC’s very own Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/sbtcvip and buddy up with their community of professional Beauty Therapists, Trainers and business owners.

# 3: Take A New Approach 

Doing the same thing, the same way, day in and day out  not only creates boredom and complacency, but is also demotivating for you, your staff and your clients.  Shake things up by changing the way you do things.  Learn and introduce a new treatment, add some new, exciting retail products, or restyle your reception area.  Anything that’s new or different will generally motivate excitement and open up conversation.  Take a look at training in some of the latest, in-demand beauty services and get them on your service menu asap.  Offering services that are current with what is popular and in-demand will not only keep your clients loyal to you, but also creates workplace satisfaction for your staff.  

The Skin & Beauty Training Centre offers a selection of online and face-to-face training options in popular beauty services and subjects.  From Spray Tanning, Lash Extensions and Waxing to Professional Skin Peels, Dermaplaning, Skin Needling and Microblading courses.  Check out their full list here

Who is the Skin & Beauty Training Centre

The Skin and Beauty Training Centre was created with a mission to give everyone the opportunity and accessibility to professional, advanced industry training that's affordable and effective. 

The Skin and Beauty Training Centre is accredited by ASI - Australian Skin Institute and Brazilian Beauty; they back themselves and are proud of it,  training 100’s of beauty therapists each year, who have performed professionally trained treatments on over 150,000 happy customers Australia-wide. 

SBTC believe in helping learners become the best version of themselves by:

  • Developing and educating learners to provide the best possible treatment experience and results for customers.

  • Empowering learners to feel confident in themselves and the treatments they are performing.

  • Provide a clear focus on business growth and profitability to enable small businesses to thrive and grow. 

All specialised training courses are readily available for all levels of experience; from aspiring home salon owners, to beauty therapists who are new to the industry, through to experienced therapists or salon owners looking to expand their knowledge and up-skill in a new treatment. 

If you have any questions, give the friendly SBTC team a call on 07 3357 4081, email info@skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au or visit their website at www.skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au 

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