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Is Beauty A Good Career Choice?

The beauty industry is booming. There’s money to be made, endless job opportunities, and you can be your own boss. The industry is constantly changing, so there are always new trends and tricks to learn. Plus, you get to spend your days making others feel beautiful! There are so many fantastic opportunities and benefits that come with a career in beauty. Let’s dive in!

There’s money to be made!


A recent study found that the average person spends approximately $3000 on beauty services and $996 on beauty products every year. Now, I’m not sure about you, but a piece of that pie sounds pretty good to me!  

The other good news - beauty experts won’t be replaced by robots or digitisation. Beauty services require a personal touch. Most clients will agree that booking in for their monthly pamper session is more than the treatment alone. It’s about connection, experience and investing in self-care. A great beauty therapist connects with their clients and maintains a warm and nurturing attitude. 

Endless job opportunities!

The beauty industry is consistently expanding, which means lots of new job opportunities! Not only does this mean you’ll always find work, but it also means you can really find your niche in a role that allows you to fill your days with your passion.

Obsessed with brows? Why not work at a brow bar? 

Passionate about all things skin? Find work at an advanced skin clinic. 

Lover of lashes? Join a team as a lash specialist.

Wanting a taste of everything? Set a goal to work for a renowned beauty clinic like Brazilian Beauty. 

Be your own boss! 


 If you’re a self-starter who enjoys setting your own schedule, starting a beauty business could be the perfect career choice for you. 

The benefits?

  • Set your own hours 
  • Pick and choose what treatments you offer
  • Develop your unique style and branding 
  • Set yourself up from home
  • The money you make ends up in your pocket
  • Opportunity for growth 
  • Build an empowering team

Never get bored! 


No matter your role or level of experience, there will always be new trends, technologies and products to get excited about. Take a peek at some of our most popular bespoke beauty courses for inspiration.

Classic, Hybrid and Volume Eyelash Extensions 


Foundation Skin Knowledge 

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination 

Waxing Foundations



If you love travel and you’re passionate about beauty, why not experience both? Look for job opportunities with cruise ships and holiday resorts. Your work could take you all over the world! Working in different locations across the globe offers such an incredible learning opportunity. You’ll get to meet so many new people and absorb all their knowledge while seeing some pretty amazing sights! 

Spread beauty! 


If you ask a beauty professional why they love their job, the most common answer will always be, 

“I love helping my clients find confidence and feel beautiful.”

Experiencing that moment when your client looks in a mirror and grins from ear to ear is truly heartwarming. It’s a feeling that will never get old. A career in beauty means you get to spend your days helping people feel good about themselves, and we think that’s pretty special. 

So yes, a career in beauty is a great choice! And for more reasons than one. If you’re interested in a career in beauty, this is your sign to go for it. 

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