Introducing Skin & Beauty Training Center

Just like many industries, what customers wanted 10 years ago might just not be the case today. Over the past 16 years I’ve experienced first hand the ever changing beauty industry and that's why I love it. The exciting new treatment modalities that can treat a range of skin conditions combined with revolutionary new products ingredients that have the technology and ability to make any skin type look their glowing dewy best are at the core of what we do. 

Who wouldn't want to work in the beauty industry :) 

Having said that, it's not all beer and skittles. With the beauty innovation revolution comes a whole new skill set to stay ahead of the game and understand the best way to perform new treatments to ensure both maximum results and minimum risk for customers and team members alike.  

Whether you’re a seasoned skin, beauty or dermal therapist, or considering beauty therapy as a career or maybe you’re looking for a simple at home business in which to service close friends and family as a supplement income? The reality is to meet current customer expectations therapists and beauty providers need to be working on personal development and improving and refining professional skills to stay at the top of the ever changing beauty game. 

The magic solution. 

Unfortunately there is no magic wand that instantly makes anyone good at a treatment modality. However, having an affinity to a skill, a purpose and learning from highly skilled professionals who have proven commercial experience will make your learning journey easier, way less stressful and most likely super fun ! 

Since founding Brazilian Beauty in 2004 I believe that the training investment we make in our team members pays off a hundred times over. I believe our company's success is a direct reflection of both our team members natural ability coupled with professional postgraduate training. A highly trained beauty and skin therapist delivers exceptional results to customers and as a result customers choose to come back to the Brazilian Beauty brand time and time again. 

When I left school at the ripe old age of 16 in 1988 I was fortunate enough to take an apprenticeship with Shell UK LTD. Shell was an amazing company to work for and be part of with great core values and learning pathways. Before I knew it I was promoted from a call center to working in the IT space for Shell, Morgan Stanley and the BBC.  I was fortunate that these companies invested in me and took me on a career path that I will be eternally grateful for. 

Fast forward to the opening of Brazilian Beauty in 2004 - Learning from the best and wanting to ‘pay it forward’, I knew that the best businesses trained and nurtured their team members so that’s what we were going to do. And we did. 

The Skin and Beauty Training Center was created to train Brazilian Beauty and Australian Skin Institute team members and franchisees in all areas of postgraduate skin, beauty and business training. We identified a gap in the skills that team members and franchisees arrived to our brand with. We wanted to be sure that each and every customer treatment was performed following a strict duty of care, consistent treatment process to ensure that we delivered safe and effective treatments that customers would love and return for. 

After 16 years of successful training with 21 Brazilian Beauty locations, in 2019 The Skin and Beauty Training Center opened its doors to invite ASI stockists and Torrens University students into our training center for a variety of professional postgraduate face to face and online training courses. 

We are now extending our training and education services further to invite students from all over Australia to experience the Skin and Beauty Training Center via our online training courses. 

What makes us different to any other online course? 

A reputable skin and beauty training brand that has proven commercial outcomes for students.

No previous experience or qualifications required. 

Choose to learn your own way

Face to face and online training courses available 

Help if you need it

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home whilst knowing you have online face to face, phone or online chat support if you need it. 

Book online time slots for guidance from our team of online professional trainers 

Commercial Outcomes 

Combined training and product packs available to get you up and running with your new skills from day one

ASI stockist opportunities for selected postgraduate students 

Brazilian Beauty clinic positions for selected postgraduate students 

Business Operations, Business Management, Marketing and Social Media Training to build and grow your business