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Importance of Training

If you decided to go skydiving and you had to choose between one instructor who had been trained and an instructor who hadn’t, who would you choose? I think everyone knows the answer yet may business owners do not see the importance of training, regardless if it is for the simplest of jobs to the more advanced. 

Untrained employees are often unhappy employees. Progression is a key factor in most people's lives and having a level of achievement at work helps keep staff interested and motivated. Most people tend to leave jobs because they find themselves becoming complacent or stagnant with their professional progression. 

Repercussions for not providing training to your staff can be:

Untrained employees are unhappy employees
Untrained workers have a low production value
Lost time and money due to mistakes 
Insufficient training can lead to a loss of customers due to a poor experience 
Inconsistency in treatment procedures 

Training can 

Improve employee engagement
Improve employee satisfaction and morale
Ability to address weaknesses and help staff improve
Increase consistency throughout the workplace 
Reduction in employee turnover
Increases the feeling of importance to the business 
The skin and beauty training center has come to understand the value of these benefits and has taken advantage of them to a great extent. 


It is notable that training can result in staff missing out on work time, add extra cost and delay in house jobs from being completed. 

This is why we look to offer cost and time effective courses that get your staff on the right track. A number of courses are also available on our digital platform, allowing you to conduct training and assessment in a time and manner that best suits you. 

Some training, however, will require practical hands-on experience. For this, we have a fully operational training center based in Albion QLD. 

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