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If Not Now Then When?: Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Re-skill And Get Into The Beauty Industry.

Amongst all the uncertainties the upheaval of the last 12 months have brought about, one thing seems perfectly clear… the way we work may never be the same again.

Time spent in lockdown, working from home or (unfortunately for many) suddenly not working at all, has created a massive and very consequential shift in the way we view our work-life balance.  The challenges we have been forced to face have created some sort of universal epiphany about how and why we work and if we are prepared to go back to a 9-to-5, office centric work lifestyle.

A global survey conducted by workplace messaging app company, Slack, found that 72% of workers surveyed now prefer a hybrid approach to working - with a mix of both office and work-from-home options the perceived key to less stress, less anxiety and an overall sense of life balance and satisfaction.

Why Now is  the Perfect Time:

There are many advantages that working from home can bring - saving time and money lost on commuting and buying those $15 sandwiches just a couple of immediate gains.  But, more so, less stress and more leisure time spent with family and friends are also noteworthy perks.

Right now, as the ‘work-from-home’ trend continues to grow, so to is the inclination for consumers to embrace the notion of utilising services offered from a home setting rather than the traditional shopfront store; making this the perfect time to turn your hobby or passion into a money making side-hustle you can run from the comfort of your own home.

Fostering personal growth and development as well as taking advantage of, what might be a less than ideal situation if you are currently short of work;  learning a new skill that can generate extra income is a clever move. 

Affordable Beauty Training:

With a suite of short online and face-to-face beauty based courses available, the Brisbane based Skin & Beauty Training Centre has made it possible to access affordable, professional beauty training designed by some of Australia’s most experienced beauty providers.

Accredited by Australian Skin Institute and Brazilian Beauty, the Skin & Beauty Training Centre has trained 100’s of Beauty Therapists who have performed professionally trained treatments on over 150,000 happy customers Australia-wide.  Specialised training courses are readily available for all levels of experience, from aspiring home salon owners to qualified Beauty Therapists who are looking to expand their knowledge and skill set.

Some Beauty Services You Can Offer From Home:

Eyelash Extensions - a home based eyelash extension business can be both exciting and rewarding.   With just a treatment bed, some good lighting and your kit of lash products, you will be lashing with the best of them.  SBTC’s Eyelash Extension course covers both the theory and practical knowledge required to perform professional lash extension treatments, guiding you through contraindications, correct treatment protocols and techniques so that you can start your home-based eyelash extension business with confidence.

HD High Definition Brow Masterclass - a booming business within itself, offering brow services from home could easily earn you $600+ per week just doing a handful of clients.  Eyebrow Mapping, Eyebrow Sculpting, HD Eyebrow Tinting and now, Eyebrow Lamination is so popular right now… you’ll build a regular clientele in no time.  The face-to-face course offered at SBTC teach you the techniques needed to create individually tailored, bespoke brows for each client.  From consultation through to photo-finish tips and tricks, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to create flawless, insta-worthy brow transformations.

Spray Tanning - one of the easiest ways to side-hustle from home, starting your own Spray Tanning business will give you big returns for a small investment.  This extremely popular service takes approx 10 minutes to perform and with prices ranging from $25 - $40 depending on your set-up and products used, you could easily be making over $500.00 per week.  The online Spray Tanning course offered by SBTC comes complete with a professional spray tanning kit that includes your professional spray tan machine, spray tanning tent, spray tanning solutions and consumables - so you can get earning asap.

Skin Training & Facial Treatments - if offering skin services is more your thing then check out SBTC’s list of professional skin training courses.  From Dermalplaning and Microdermabrasion to Skin Needling and advanced Skin Knowledge; you’ll learn and develop skills using a range of cutting edge techniques, products and equipment, commercially proven to deliver outstanding results. 

For more information on each of these courses, or to view the full suite of courses on offer visit the Skin & Beauty Training Centre website or jump on their socials on Facebook or Instagram

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