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How to take the perfect before and after for Eyelash Extensions?

  • Make the photo and eyelash extension application visually appealing.

Show finished lash looks. Before taking a picture, remove the under eye patches, tape and any stray lashes. This way, your photo truly focuses on the end result and the beautiful eyelash extensions.

  • Don’t forget the eyebrows!

When your client’s eyebrows are shown in the picture, make sure that they are nicely groomed and not distracting from the lashes.

  • Avoid posting irritated eyes. 

Sometimes your client’s eyes get a little red from keeping them closed for a longer period of time. In this case, it is probably best to take a picture of the lash look with your client’s eyes closed.

  • Good lighting makes a difference!

Use natural light when possible; nothing is more luminous and shows the lashes better than natural light.

If you don’t have easy access to natural light a ring light will help you.

  • Avoid shadows in your picture. 

When taking a photo, check whether you see any shadows appearing from for example your phone or other elements in the room.

  • Be sure to make the eyelash extensions the focus in your picture.

Try multiple angles to show the lashes from different sides and to get multiple options for your social media post.

Choose a flattering angle and pose for your clients. Eye shapes and facial features are unique to each person. By trying different angles and poses, you can find what works best.

A close up of the eye area showing the brow and eye only (open or closed) is always a great option.

  • To edit or not?

Editing your photo before posting can help enhance the beautiful elements and tweak any imperfections.

Keep it natural to showcase your lash work as true as possible. Don’t use too many filters or edit the picture too heavily.

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