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Get The Right Tan

With proper care and maintenance, you can preserve the illusion of a tropical vacay for up to 10 days or more. Yes, that up to two weekends of tanned gloriousness for the price of one. And you thought a weekend spray tan would only do you until Sunday afternoon…. Tsk Tsk.

1. Get a Professional Spray Tan worth maintaining

It’s true what they say, an artist is only as good as their canvas. If you start with a great base - you’re on to a winner! Choose a hydrating, green-based tan that will nourish the skin and help the formula last longer. Spray Tans formulated with Kakadu Plum, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E like HYDR8TAN actively hydrates and firms the skin whilst providing a flawless, professional spray tan finish that lasts.

2. Give your clients instructions 24 hours prior to your appointment

No more and no less. Advise clients to perform a good scrubbing the day before their tan to remove dead skin cells, preparing the skin to readily absorb the tanned goodness. A thorough scrub will slough off any old tan too! We recommend using a specially designed spray tan erasing mitt to buff away any patchiness and reveal soft, fresh skin ready to get gorgeously golden!

3. Skip the moisturizer

Make sure you tell clients to skip the moisturizer on the day of your tan. Moisturizers interrupt the absorption of a tan which means the tan may not last as long as it should or reach the level of color desired. After a tan, use a natural moisturizer every day to keep the skin hydrated. Avoid moisturizers with excessive perfumes and additives as these can dry out the skin causing the tan to crack and fade. Look for a non-greasy formula packed with essential oils for naturally nourished skin.

4. The Great Extender

Let this be your Spray Tan BFF. An excellent Spray Tan extender like the Hydr8Tan Extender will deposit a small amount of color with each application to extend the life of the Spray Tan. Ritualistically applying the Hydr8Tan Extender every second day will ensure your tan will easily last into its second week.

5. No Soap

We all love a good soap opera, but we’re not singing its praises in the shower. Soap dries skin like no other and is the enemy number one when it comes to your glorious Spray Tan. Use a gentle everyday cleanser to wash your skin - not strip it. Follow with a nourishing body moisturizer or a tan extender immediately after showering to allow for better product absorption (your pores are open after a warm shower!).

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