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Elevate Your Home Beauty Salon On A Budget

Are you running your own home based salon or planning to get started? There’s a good chance you may not have a lot of space or budget to play with, and that’s okay! Elevating your space doesn’t necessarily mean new furniture or a complete renovation. You can do so many little things to polish your home salon without spending too much. 

Here’s a trick we’ve learnt over the many years of helping salon owners; the best way to elevate your home based salon is to make changes based on the five senses.

  • Sight 👀
  • Touch ✋
  • Sound 🎶
  • Smell 👃
  • Taste 👅

How is your home based beauty salon contributing to each of the five senses? Each sense contributes to your customer’s overall experience. As a beauty specialist, your focus is usually on the treatment you’re performing, recommendations and keeping the conversation flowing. Let’s save you some time by recommending the little things you can do to make a big difference in your home beauty salon

Home beauty salon decor aesthetic interior neutrals inspo

Build A Chic Home Beauty Salon: Sight 👀

Your clients perspective 

Walk into your home beauty salon with the eyes of a client. Start outside, walk through the door, and take a seat if you have a waiting area. Most importantly, lay down on your beauty bed. 

While doing this, pay attention to what you see, is everything tidy, and where do your eyes land? If you’re asking your clients to leave their disposable g-strings in the bin, is the bin area neat? Does the roof need to be cleaned? We often forget our clients are staring at our ceiling throughout most of their appointments. The last thing you want is cobwebs or handprints left from the previous handyman’s visit. 

It’s a good idea to do something like this regularly. When we walk into the same room every day, our eyes don’t necessarily notice the ripped magazine, tint stain on the bench or dust on our beauty bed legs but trust me - your clients will. Take the time to focus your attention on what your client sees and make sure everything is clean and welcoming. 

Find Your Inner Minimalist 

When it comes to a home beauty salon - minimal is always best. Avoid clutter on your benches. Invest in storage containers to pop everything away in your cupboards while still being organised. Kmart has some great affordable options here

Don’t forget your client’s storage

Some beauty treatments require our clients to remove their shoes and clothing. Something as simple as a basket for their belongings adds an effortless touch to your home beauty space. Ikea has lots of chic, budget-friendly options. Take a peek here. 

Invest in your linen

Matching, stain-free, neutral linen is the key to a polished home beauty business. If you notice a towel is starting to look pretty worn down, or one of your sheets has a tint stain, it’s time to upgrade! Always go for matching neutral colours that hide wear and tear as much as possible. Your client should walk in and immediately sense that everything is clean and inviting. Target has some great options for sheets and towels

Rolled white towel with sprig of Rosemary - Home beauty salon decor aesthetic interior neutrals inspo

Build A Chic Home Beauty Salon: Touch

While checking out your client’s perspective from your beauty bed, spend a minute thinking about how comfortable you are. 

  • Is the bed under an air vent? 
  • Do you offer a blanket? 
  • Is the bed quite flat and hard? 
  • Should you pop a pillow under your client’s knees? 

These little touches can have a significant impact on your client’s experience. Invest in extra pillows and blankets to ensure your client is always comfortable. 

Woman having a relaxing facial massage - Home beauty salon decor aesthetic interior neutrals inspo

Build A Chic Home Beauty Salon: Sound 🎶

Music plays a more prominent role in your client’s experience than you realise. What kind of mood are you trying to create? If the goal is relaxation, a radio station or top 40 pop music playlist might be fun for you but not so much for your client. Invest in a portable speaker so you can choose readily available playlists from Spotify. Here are our favourites:

Sprigs of lavender in a white bowl - Home beauty salon decor aesthetic interior neutrals inspo

Build A Chic Home Beauty Salon: Smell 👃

Create a signature scent 

A warm and calming scent immediately sets the tone for relaxation. Think of places like Peter Alexander, Country Road or Aesop - they all have a signature scent. When you walk into their retail space, you recognise the smell. A signature scent adds so much sophistication to your space and is budget-friendly! Your clients will start saying things like,

“It always smells so good in here.” 

One of the easiest ways to create a signature scent for your home beauty business is to invest in a diffuser. Perfect potion has a selection of stunning essential oil blends. Here are our favourites:

Make sure you smell good too! 

Always use a little mouth wash or mint after your morning coffee. Top up your deodorant when necessary and avoid strong-smelling perfumes. When we perform treatments like eyelash extensions or skin needling, we tend to be up close and personal with our clients - so it’s important we smell good too! 

A cup of herbal tea in a glass mug on a white bench beside a tea strainer and a bunch of herbs -Home beauty salon decor aesthetic interior neutrals inspo

Build A Chic Home Beauty Salon: Taste 👅

Offering a glass of cold water, herbal tea, or even champagne can add so much elegance to your client’s experience. When you visit a hairdresser who offers a drink at the beginning of your hair appointment, it becomes a part of the service, and it’s something you look forward to when scheduling an appointment. By making this lovely gesture, your clients, too, will start looking forward to their cold and refreshing drink upon arriving at your home beauty salon

And just like that, we’ve covered the five essential senses. We hope these tips help you elevate your beauty business. All the little things truly do add up to an outstanding client experience. As you can see, it’s not just about how your home salon looks but how it makes your clients feel. Your client can get a brow waxing service anywhere, but their experience keeps them coming back. 

If you’re looking to add a new service to your beauty business, take a look at our bespoke beauty courses here

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