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Dermaplaning 101: 5 Reasons Why Clients Want This On Your Menu

In the world of beauty, in-salon treatment trends tend to come and go. From cellulite reduction devices to tooth gems, throughout history we've seen many cult style beauty fads skyrocket in popularity one minute, only to quickly fade away the next.

But now and then, a professional beauty procedure comes along that shows no signs of waning. A treatment that has everybody talking and clients demanding you add it to your service menu.

Yes! We are talking about Dermaplaning. The instantaneously gratifying skin smoothing treatment that does away with dull, dead skin and facial peach fuzz to reveal fresh and luminous skin with absolutely no downtime.

Firstly, What Exactly Is Dermaplaning? 
Dermaplaning is a specialised, professional skin treatment that utilises a surgical scalpel to gently scrape away the outermost layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair, commonly known as 'peach fuzz'.

When performed by a professionally trained dermal therapist, Dermaplaning is a safe and effective method for removing dull skin and hair build-up from the skin's surface. The results are a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and open pores, and increasing the propensity for cosmeceutical product absorption

Dermaplaning is also a non-irritating option to facial waxing, particularly for clients prone to post-waxing folliculitis type breakouts. And unlike other types of professional exfoliation treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels, Dermaplaning's non-inflammatory action means there is a low risk of causing post-inflammatory pigmentation or irritation, making it suitable for all skin tones and skin types.

Is Dermaplaning The Same As Shaving?
No. Although the concept seems similar to shaving with a razor, Dermaplaning is much more beneficial for your skin and hair than simply shaving.

Using the correct Dermaplaning tools and technique, any vellus hair removed during the Dermaplaning treatment will grow back with a tapered tip, giving it a soft and natural feel rather than the blunt and prickly regrowth experienced after shaving.

Furthermore, removing vellus hair from the face does not trigger thicker or darker regrowth despite misconceptions. Only hormones, certain medications or medical conditions can affect vellus hair.

5 Reasons Your Clients Will Want Dermaplaning

#1 Softer, More Radiant Skin
Exfoliating the skin to remove the dull build-up of dead skin cells and vellus hair will not only make the skin look instantly radiant and smooth but will also facilitate increased absorption of the anti-aging ingredients in your cosmeceutical skincare range.

#2 Reduces the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring and open pores 
Removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface will assist in softening and improving the appearance of fine lines and pitted scarring. Additionally, the removal of vellus hair will also reduce the ability of pores to become clogged with oil, dirt and other debris that usually clings to facial hair.

#3 Smoother Makeup Application
With an improved texture and hair-free surface, the skin will feel silky smooth to the touch, allowing makeup application to glide on evenly and flawlessly.

#4 Fast And Painless
Taking approximately 45 minutes (depending on how you deliver the procedure), Dermaplaning can be easily customised and combined with other in-salon treatments such as peptide infusions, relaxing facial massage or LED Therapy to provide fast and painless results.

#5 Immediate Results With No Downtime
Due to its non-invasive nature, Dermaplaning offers immediate results with no downtime. Although some may experience slight redness or feel very mild sensitivity immediately after the procedure, this is temporary and mainly due to the fresh new skin being exposed.

However, the skin will look brighter and smoother immediately after the Dermaplaning treatment, with further improvement progressively developing the few days following the procedure.

Train With The Dermaplaning Experts at SBTC
Designed for new and experienced Beauty Therapists, Dermal Clinicians or medical professionals, our Dermaplaning course will teach you the correct treatment protocols and techniques needed to safely and effectively perform a Dermaplaning procedure, as well as how to integrate this service with your existing treatment offerings successfully.

Our professional Dermaplaning course has been developed by industry professionals in collaboration with Brazilian Beauty clinics Australia and ASI Cosmeceutical Skincare to provide you with a complete turnkey treatment protocol that utilises successfully tried and tested products and techniques.

Available in both an online or face-to-face format, you'll be learning from Australia's leading beauty professionals in an intimate masterclass aimed at giving you a head-start to successful Dermaplaning.

To join our next Dermaplaning Masterclass or to speak to one of our friendly team, visit our website, email us at info@skinandbeautytrainingcentre.com.au or telephone (07) 3357408

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