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Are you applying your skin care in the correct order?

Establishing a solid skincare routine is a must for everyone, regardless of skin type. Whether you're a skincare enthusiast for the sake of it or looking to combat the signs of aging and keep your skin happy and healthy, a solid skincare routine loaded with quality products is crucial to keeping your skin in great shape. But with so many new products and amazing ingredients that promise to revolutionize how you think about skincare, it's easy to get overwhelmed with information—and accidentally cut your products' potency short. 

By applying your skincare products in the correct order, you'll be able to reap all the glorious benefits of every last product in your skincare routine, from cleanser to night cream. Read on for what you need to know about applying your skincare in the right order! 

First Things First

Before building your skincare routine, it's important to know your skin type. Knowing your skin type will help you choose the best possible ingredients and products for your skin—which helps you apply your serums, lotions, and creams in the right order. 

Need a primer on skin types? Check out our guide to choosing the right products for your skin type here!

Let's Get Cleansing

Once you've determined your skin type and chosen the perfect products, it's time to cleanse. Every morning or evening skincare routine has to start with a nice clean canvas. Enter the double cleanse: a two-in-one powerhouse that guarantees your skin gets totally clean. Start off by using a powerful but gentle cleanser to fully remove makeup and other impurities—like our Radiant Cream Cleanser—then use your main cleanser to eliminate any potential residue from your makeup remover. 

First Cleanser: Radiant Cream Cleanser

Second Cleanser: Rejuvenating Foaming Cleanser

Exfoliation Nation

Not exfoliating this time? Read on for information about toning and moisturising!

Next up, you'll want to move onto exfoliation. When correctly formulated, chemical exfoliants like an AHA or a BHA offer a wonderfully gentle touch that works to dissolve dead skin, unclog pores, and put a little sparkle back into dull skin. (Pro tip: certain AHAs like our AHA Power Exfoliant act as a humectant, so they do wonders for dehydrated skin!)

Note that you'll want to apply to dry skin, and wait a few minutes before rinsing off and continuing with your routine!

Exfoliant: AHA Power Exfoliant

Hydration Time

After exfoliation, it's time to hydrate—and there's one simple rule that makes layering your skincare products a snap. 

Start thin and clear, then layer thicker and opaque.

So, for example, many people choose to begin with a toner. Not to be confused with the harsh, astringent toners of the 80s, modern hydrating toners are often watery and clear, offering a boost that can prep the skin for additional hydrating layers, including serums. 

Serums are thicker than toners and usually less transparent, and can deliver a powerful boost of specific ingredients, including skincare's favourite vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A (also known as retinol). Choosing the right serum for your skin type can supercharge your routine, especially if paired with a dermarolling treatment

Serums: Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin A Corrector 

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Once you've applied your serum, it's time for moisturizer. As before, you want to move from clearer, thinner products to thicker, more opaque ones, so this is your moisturising cream's time to shine. 

For daytime use, it's important to either choose a cream with SPF like our Rejuvenating Day Cream or use an additional sunscreen, especially if you're using chemical exfoliants—it'll keep your skin moisturised and prevent sun damage. 

For nighttime, choose a nutrient-packed moisturizer that will help your skin heal up and stay healthy by increasing cell turnover and improve hydration. Those with dry or dehydrated skin may also find an additional occlusive layer or hydration concentrate a great option here.

Creams: Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF, Rejuvenating Night Cream, R3 

Create your healthiest, glowiest skin one product at a time with Australian Skin Institute's innovation-driven cosmeceutical skincare. Our wide range of products are carefully tailored to treat a number of skin types and concerns, all with superior ingredients and formulations created to make a difference.

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