Products & Partners

The Australian Skin Institute 

For our training we use a results driven cosmecutical range from The Australian Skin Institute. The ASI team is a community of beauty and pharmaceutical experts who are passionate about innovating premium cosmeceuticals. ASI have created a cosmeceutical range of skincare, that is professionally recommended, which is fresh, active, potent and produces visible results for Australian women and men. Read More...

Peel Range

Our training centre takes advantage of ASI Professional Peels that use glycolic and lactic acid to essentially dissolve the “glue” that is binding the dead skin cells to the new skin cells. Working on skin health to improve texture and tone whilst purifying the skin for a radiant and clear finish, without causing any damage. More Info 

Global Beauty Group

Everyone knows how important your tools are when it comes to treating skin. Thats why we have partnered with The Global Beauty Group to ensure we have the best machines for the job. The global beauty group have a complete resource for Salon, Spa, Clinic and Practice owners looking for premier range of aesthetic technology.