About Us

We provide a wide range of post graduate beauty and management courses in a fun and modern environment, designed to give you the experience and education needed to secure a future in the beauty industry.

For those wanting to take control of their destiny and learn from a exciting, innovative and highly reputable business, the Skin & Beauty Training Centre is an easy choice. With its support office based in Brisbane, our training gives you the hands on experience in a beauty clinic environment. Ensuring you are equipped with all the skills needed to enter the workforce. 

Our Philosophy 

We believe in giving every person the opportunity to look and feel their beautiful best. Above all else, we’re in the business of confidence; in a world constantly trying to make you be someone else, we encourage our clients to be their own kind of beautiful. To love themselves. Be true to themselves. And believe in themselves. 
As a thought leader in our industry, we have created a beauty community that communicates, shares, nurtures and encourages our audience to believe in beautiful. Because that is a power no-one has over us.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help businesses deliver a consistent service ensuring clients believe in beautiful each time they step out of your salon, or use your products. 
We want each and every team member to uphold the company mantra of ‘the client is king’ and, in return, we treat our team and students in the same manor. We have a goal to instil a clinic standard that is geared towards providing a inviting, modern, professional experience that maximises results and service in a minimum amount of time without too much fuss. We aim to do this with the latest FDA and TGA approved technologies along with the a signature approach to customer service and satisfaction.

Training History

The Skin & Beauty Training Centre has been an integral part of the expansion and success of various beauty clinics across Australia. For 21 years our approach has been to help every student on their own journey to help them take advantage of their amazing capabilities. With top class educators and equipment our team is here to help you realise your dreams in the beauty industry.


The courses conducted at the Skin & Beauty Training Centre follow certain accredited training guidelines however the course are non-accredited. Certificates are provided following the successful completion of training; and these certificates will be accepted industry wide but are not nationally recognised qualifications. The goal however is still to provide a controlled, high level learning environment that takes, hygiene, infection control and workplace health and safety very seriously.