What is Dermaplaning?

If you're wondering what dermaplaning is, then join the club and get ready for a life changing treatment.

Described as the gentle scraping of the skin to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells with a scalpel, this short treatment will get rid of the excessive and unwanted dirt, hair and more.

It acts as an exfoliation for your face, leaving behind that smooth, soft feel you've been striving for. Not only does it feel super soft, it gives you that glow that shows.

It's a cosmetic procedure using a scalpel to remove the top layer of skin on the face. 

Known for how gentle it feels as well as how smooth it leaves the skin feeling and without any down time for recovery. 

Dermaplaning is made to be quick, efficient, and help your skin recover from excessive and unwanted dirt that clogs the pores leaving it unhealthy. 

Is it suitable for every skin type?

Dermaplaning treatment works with all skin types, but can be irritating to sensitive skin.

If your patient skin is easily irritable, then most professionals recommend you skip out on the treatment to prevent any reactive irritation. 

In cases like this, it can be known to worsen breakouts and be an unhealthy procedure for you.

Wait until any breakouts have cleared up for the most part before performing a treatment.

A Dermaplaning treatment will help clean up the dirt that's built up in the pores. This will enable your patient skin to become healthier and leave it refreshed.

If you’re as excited about Dermaplaning as we are and want to learn more about this amazing treatment and how to perform it, click here and book online for our next training session.