Top tips for a 10/10 looking therapist

Beauty Therapists should empower their clients by giving them their time, personality, skills and knowledge. A remarkable experience is what the clients deserve!

Beauty therapists should present to clients with a polished and professional look and provide examples of well-groomed, professional skin therapists who are role models in the Beauty Industry.


Uniforms should be cleaned, free from stains and spills, pressed with an iron and complete with a name badge on the top left hand side of your shirt. Shoes and socks are essential to finishing a uniform and should complement the colour of the uniform. Close toed, comfortable and supportive enough for your body to endure long treating days on your feet.

Make up

Beauty Therapists should be aiming to achieve healthy skin as a canvas to a light make up application. 

A day looking coverage of foundation or powder, a slick of mascara, tidy of the brows and a neutral or light coloured lipstick is preferred and should be reapplied after breaks and between clients.


Always up and neatly secured away from the face. 

A beauty therapist's hair has to be tied up. It can be a pony-tail or a bun or any other hairstyle as long as it's up. Because beauty therapists are working over their clients and if hair is not up, it can have a contact with clients body and skin, it’s unhygienic and distracting when performing treatments.


Nails should be short and neatly manicured, finished without polish or applied gel polish, which is refilled when starting to chip. If nail polish is worn it must be of a professional standard.

Personal Hygiene

When working in close contact with people, personal hygiene is of utmost importance.

It’s a physical job being a therapist and with that, we can get hot, irritated, and sweaty during treatments.

Ensure your personal hygiene is free from scent with a natural smelling deodorant applied the morning of your shift and re-applied throughout the day post long treatments or during lunch breaks. Lunch breaks need to follow with a mint or brush of the teeth, and the smell of cigarette is never acceptable.