To Retail or Not To Retail?

Regardless of you being self-employed or running a larger beauty business, retailing can generate big income and will add to your existing treatment. 

What is retailing? 

Sales! In short, yes, however, that's not the way we like to look at it. Its the service you provide your client form the moment they walk into your clinic to the moment they leave and even extending that service to their home, life, and their daily routine.

When a client comes to your business they are seeking a professional that can assist with diagnosing their concerns and providing a solution that allows them to leave feeling the beauty and value of your business.

To retail effectively we belive skin and ingredient knowledge is paramount. Once a client knows that Vitamin B3 boost collagen and elastin production by up to 25% you won't need to make a hard sell. The client has been armed with enough knowledge to know if a product is right for them. Regardless of the result, If you are seen as a confident, educated therapist, that means clients will be happy to return to you in the future. 

Aftercare is another part of your business whether you want it to be or not. As the saying goes, beauty never sleeps and the same goes for your business. To make sure clients feel the full effect of a treatment make sure they have an aftercare plan. Helping clients maintain the longevity of a treatment with aftercare will make them feel that they have received their money's worth.